Nintendo president admits he’s unsure about the Quality of Life platform


According to a new report from a Japanese website, Nintendo’s new president Tatsumi Kimishima has admitted that the Quality of Life platform first introduced by former president Satoru Iwata may not see the light of day in its current state.

Kimishima recently spoke to investors during the financial briefing for its Q3 quarter and suggested that the Quality of Life platform may be abandoned if it doesn’t achieve the quality level that Nintendo expects from its products.

“It’s not yet at the level of a Nintendo product. If we can release it, we’ll release it. If we can’t, we’ll examine things further.”

The Quality of Life platform was first introduced by Satoru Iwata as a new initiative from the company to further develop their Blue Ocean strategy, which first saw great success with the release of the Wii. It seems as though Kimishima himself may be skeptical about the platform and some analysts are suggesting that Nintendo will set aside the platform to focus more on mobile in the coming months.