Nintendo pokes fun at Wii U’s failure in Animal Crossing New Leaf update

Nintendo is rumored to have shut down Wii U production this week, even though they’ve denied it. Nevertheless, the console is at the end of its life the days and Nintendo sort of revealed just how they feel about the Wii U’s lack of success.

A new Animal Crossing New Leaf update adds some new items for players. One of those items is a Wii U console in the furniture section.

What’s interesting is the description of the Wii U console, as Twitter user NGameTheCube spotted.

The Wii U item comes with a fortune, which reads: “Great artists aren’t always appreciated in their own time”.

Which might turn out to be true. Many years from now, people might look at the Wii U in a very different way than they are now. The GameCube wasn’t a massive success (but sold much better than the Wii U), and it has a special place in many gamer’s hearts today.