Nintendo was so angry about the Pokemon X & Y leak, they flew someone out to fix it


Pokemon is a big deal for Nintendo and its fans. The company had a strict embargo on the game until today for reviewers, but a regular guy managed to get his hands on an early copy. User kosthedin on Instagram began posting shots of the game, which quickly earned the ire of Nintendo. The shots were swiftly deleted from the service, but not before they spread around the Internet like wildfire.

According to a report, Nintendo was able to pinpoint the area of the leak and actually flew someone out in order to reclaim the stray game. Kosthedin found out about the tactic and handed the game back in order to preserve his friend’s job. We don’t know whether kosthedin handing the game back managed to spare his friend or not.

If that doesn’t show you that Nintendo is serious about Pokemon X & Y, I’m not sure what else does.