New NX rumor suggests x86 architecture and smartphone compatibility


More Nintendo NX rumors have surfaced on reddit this morning, this time from a person the Nintendo NX subreddit mods have identified as someone who might have insider information. This by no means confirms the information contained within this leak, since there’s no way to verify the second-hand information with Nintendo, who isn’t talking about the NX until E3 of this year.

The rumor suggests that the Nintendo NX will be able to interact with smart devices through apps, handle current-gen ports, and more.

“As promised, I’ve decided to share some more NX information with you. This is second-hand information from trusted sources (like last time) and I have little reason to doubt its validity.

Here you go:

  • x86 architecture
  • Backup data to Nintendo server (most likely My Nintendo)
  • Support for additional screen
  • Can handle ports of current-gen games
  • Will be able to interact with smartdevice apps
  • Using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points

We’re typically pretty skeptical of any rumors that are reported just because of the nature of the information and how many people are willing to release false info, but the subreddit mods have verified that the person releasing the information does have connections to Wii U developers and could know some secondhand NX information through those connections. Here’s what the stickied mod post says:

“This user has been verified by the mod team. We have confirmed that he has connections to Wii U developer(s) and/or development hardware and very likely has knowledge about the NX via those same connections. This verification is sort of general/open ended and I unfortunately cannot verify specific details on a point by point basis.”