Nintendo, Docomo team up to launch Android app for easy 3DS WiFi tethering


Nintendo has just announced an interesting new initiative with Japanese wireless carrier NTT Docomo that will help users tether their smartphone’s data connections with their Nintendo 3DS. If you’re not sure what tethering means, it’s the process of sharing your phone’s 3G or 4G data connection with any WiFi connected device. You simply connect to it as you would any WiFi signal.

The two have paired together to create an Android app that will make this process super simple and easy for those who might not feel comfortable doing it the “normal” way. Unfortunately Docomo didn’t mention if users of the app would need to add any additional data packages or tethering charges to use it. We’ll be looking to clarify those details in the moments to come.


For now, though, it’ll only be available on five smartphones and two tablets to start. Here’s the full rundown of when it’ll be launching and what it’ll be launching on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, launching May 15
  • Sony Xperia Z2, launching May 21
  • Aquos Zeta, launching May 23
  • Arrows NX, launching in late May
  • Sony Xperia A2, launching in mid-June
  • Aquos Pad, launching in mid-June
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, launching in late June

What’s more is that anyone who opts to download the app and give it a try will be in line for a free 3DS virtual console download of Nintendo’s choosing. You’ll need to a complete a survey to be eligible, but if you don’t mind a quick few minutes to answer some questions then we imagine it won’t be much of an issue for you. That particular promotion will begin in July and will run all the way through September.

We’re not sure if Nintendo is working on deals like this for other carriers and other regions, but you can bet our fingers are crossed that those in Japan aren’t the only ones invited to get in on the fun. The full presser is in Japanese at the source link.

[via Nintendo]