Nintendo announces iconic NFC figures

mario nfc

Following in the footsteps of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, Nintendo has announced a new project with the code name “NFP”. NFP stands for both “NFC Feature Platform” and “Nintendo Figurine Platform”. Nintendo claims that what makes their new figures unique is that they aren’t considered accessories, but a separate platform all on their own.

One of the most intriguing statements is that the figures won’t be tied to one game, which is probably where the idea that the figures are a new “platform” comes from.

mario nfc2

Like Skylanders, the figures will be able to read and write data as well. This means that data saved to the figure can be taken over to a friend’s house and loaded there, for example. The phrase “raise or train your Nintendo characters” was used, which is the only real hint we have towards gameplay at the moment.

mario nfc3

The announcement also says that Nintendo is working on a reader for the 3DS that will release early in 2015. It will look something like this, and support games with the same figures as the Wii U games.


That’s all we know for now. Nintendo says they’ll reveal more about these plans at E3, so it looks like we’ll have plenty of time to speculate. Are you a fan of Nintendo going the route of Skylanders and Disney Infinity? Or would you rather not have an assortment of figures sitting around your house (like me)? Sound off below!