Nintendo lost someone’s Switch save data after a repair

Earlier this month we reported that the precursor for some sort of cloud-save system is working on Nintendo Switch, but it appears that only Nintendo can use it. Reports of people getting their consoles back from repairs only to download their save files from the cloud have confirmed that, but this most recent story is a little disheartening.

Polygon author Anthony John Agnello had to send his system to Nintendo for repairs and while he got it back pretty quickly, it also contained a note informing him that Nintendo wasn’t able to recover his save files, including Breath of the Wild.

It sucks when things like this happen, especially considering the Nintendo Switch launched without any way for device owners to do a save backup on their own media before sending the device in for repairs. This is something that Nintendo needs to address ASAP, as it’s been a problem on Nintendo hardware for several cycles now while competitors have systems in place to avoid this happening.

Nintendo it’s 2017, come on. You’re going to be asking people to pay for your online service soon, but you have no way to let people back up their saves of games? Not to mention the world of Breath of the Wild is so massive and huge, I’ve easily sunk 110 hours or more into the game, I would be devastated to have this happen to me.

What do you think?

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