Nintendo live-streaming E3 press conference

Wii U E3
Nintendo previously announced that their E3 press conference would kick off at 9AM Pacific time (noon on the East Coast), and now they have announced that you’ll be able to watch the event live on and via other channels. The company has partnered with Spike TV and MTV2 to showcase the event there for free as well. However, most of us will probably watch the event on Nintendo’s E3 site, so go ahead and bookmark this link for June 5. The press conference will focus on the Wii U and the 3DS.

In addition to the E3 press conference, Nintendo will be streaming a few other events, including a “Software Showcase” at 6 PM on June 6, where a lot of the gameplay from upcoming Wii U games is expected to be shown. There’s also a “Developer discussion with Wii U Hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi” which will happen on June 5 at 11:30 PM (that’s almost bedtime!).

We’ll have a full roundup of our E3 expectations later this week, where we discuss what to expect from the Nintendo in regards to the Wii U. Stay tuned!