Nintendo Land Balloon Trip Breeze gameplay trailer

Nintendo has released a brand new Wii U trailer for the upcoming party game Nintendo Land. The gameplay trailer showcases the newly revealed Nintendo Land mini-game Balloon Trip Breeze. Players use the GamePad to control the wind and guide the balloon across the level, while collecting hovering balloons, coins, and power-ups. Nintendo Land will feature 12 mini games ranging form Zelda, to Metroid, to F-Zero, and even Donkey Kong. Now we can add Balloon Trip Breeze to that list. The game is loosely based on “Balloon Fight”, which was released on the NES way back in 1986.

Nintendo Land will be a Wii U launch title when the console hits the stores later this year. It’s still unknown whether the game will be bundled with the console for free, or sold separately. Check out the gameplay trailer below: