Nintendo’s Joy-Con repair job put to the test – is it fixed? [VIDEO]

Since the Nintendo Switch launched a little under a month ago, we’ve seen a few reports of people experiencing issues with the left Joy-Con that seem to cause the signal to drop out and generally be pretty weak. Nintendo has acknowledged the issue as a “manufacturing variation” and recommends anyone experience these issues with their Joy-Con to send them in for free repairs.

When you get them back, Nintendo will likely have opened it up to place a small piece of conductive foam over the antenna module to shield it from interference. We first reported on this fix a few weeks ago, but now the folks at GameXplain have put it to the test to determine if this fix actually works as well as Nintendo says.

The video uses the Switch’s calibration tool to showcase how the addition of the piece of foam has changed the performance of the Joy-Con and it seems to be noticeably different from the Joy-Cons before they were sent in for repair. The controller has to be completely covered with his hand before any connection issues show up, which is good.

Overall, looks like Nintendo got this one right and only early adopters will have to worry about this issue as Nintendo has stated that it has been fixed at the manufacturing level for all future Joy-Con controllers.

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