Nintendo is still unsure about cloud save games on Switch

Both Sony and Microsoft have for years offered players to transfer their save games to the cloud as an extra backup or just for convenience. But not Nintendo, and according to company boss Reggie Fils-Aime, they are still unsure about whether to offer it.

In an interview at E3, Fils-Aime said that they have heard players’ requests about cloud save, but added that he couldn’t say that there is a solution.

“I can’t say there’s a solution coming [to cloud saves], but we do hear the message.” he told Kotaku.

Microsoft has offered cloud saves for 10 years now, starting with the Xbox 360. Sony has offered cloud saves on its platforms for almost as long, and it’s quite surprising that Nintendo still hasn’t caught on with this.

Right now the only save option on the Switch is the internal memory with no real backup. Which is quite worrying for a handheld console that you take with you all the time — lose it and you also lose all your progress in all your games.