Nintendo is producing a Super Smash Bros. basic bundle in Europe


Before Super Smash Bros. launched in November for the United States, many interested gamers wanted to know if there would be a Super Smash Bros. Wii U bundle that they could buy in order to get the Wii U and the game in one package. Nintendo was quiet on the issue despite rumors popping up that there would indeed be a bundle similar to the Mario Kart 8 bundle. Now with the game available to the world for a few weeks now, many are still wondering if Nintendo plans on releasing a bundle.

Turns out that’s true, but it’s probably the worst thing Nintendo could have done. Instead of bundling the game with a 32GB deluxe edition Wii U, it looks like there will be a Super Smash Bros. bundle basic pack that includes the 8GB white Wii U console and the game. That’s fine if all you plan on playing on the system is Smash, but if you want to explore any of the eShop titles you’re going to quickly run out of space.

Nintendo has even discontinued selling the 8GB basic bundle by itself, so the fact that it’s brought back for this bundle is really a head scratcher. The only way I can see recommending this bundle to anyone is if it costs less than the 32GB Wii U + buying the game separately. Currently the bundle has only been confirmed available for Spain, but it does contain the PEGI logo so it’s possible it will be available in the rest of Europe as well.

What do you think?