Nintendo switches up the artwork on Nintendo eShop cards

Nintendo periodically changes up the artwork that appears on the Nintendo eShop cards that are sold in stores and on Amazon. The last time we saw a major redesign was with the launch of the Wii U and now it looks like Nintendo is ready to make some changes.

Previous eShop cards in the series went with a horizontal orientation that’s most familiar to us since that’s how we use debit and credit cards. But this latest design change opts to present the cards in a vertical format instead.

As you can see, the characters feature a lot more prominently than previous eShop cards with the surprising addition of Bowser. The previous cards featured Yoshi on the $10 card, Mario & Luigi together on the $20 card, Luigi on the $35 card, and Mario alone on the $50 card.

It’s nice to see Toad and Bowser getting some love, but I expected to see Yoshi and Princess Peach over those two. What do you think about the new designs? Will you be buying any of your Switch games digitally or are you doing full physical as much as you can?

Nintendo eShop Card – $50.00