Nintendo Direct Wii U recap

Valentine's Day Nintendo Direct Screencap

Aside from the usual handmade cards and boxes of chocolate, Wii U owners got an extra special treat this Valentine’s Day. The Nintendo Direct that took place this morning offered up a ton of new Wii U news. While WiiUDaily reported the news as it was released, here is a streamlined recap of the Wii U news that was presented today.

It was announced that there will be DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U.  The DLC will allow players to control Luigi as he makes his way through alternative versions of the over eighty levels already found in NSMBU. No word yet on release date or price.

Miiverse has a new community specifically for talking about The Legend of Zelda series. Earlier this month Nintendo announced that off topic posts would not be tolerated on Miiverse. This new community gives fans a place to talk about Zelda without breaking any rules.

Wii Street U went live in North America today. Wii Street U is essentially a version of Google Earth that can be controlled with the Wii U gamepad.

Nintendo also revealed several upcoming games and their release dates today. They include:

  • Runner 2-February 2013
  • Zen Pinball-February 2013
  • Toki Toki 2-March 2013
  • Lego City Undercover-March 18th
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted U-March 19th
  • Monster Hunter 3-March 19th
  • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct-March 20th
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us-April 16th
  • Disney Infinity-June 2013

Today’s Nintendo Direct shows a lot of promise for the Wii U. The creation of the Zelda community shows that Nintendo is listening to its fans by providing them with a place to discuss games that they want to talk about. Wii Street U provides an example of the kind of fun extras Wii U owners can expect from Nintendo in the future.

Most importantly, the announcement of DLC for NSMBU and upcoming titles goes to show that there is no shortage of quality content on its way to the console. While some may have expected some lackluster announcements, this Nintendo Direct makes it look like the future is indeed bright for the Wii U.

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