Nintendo Direct 3DS – Wii U details



As expected, even though today’s Nintendo Direct was dedicated to the 3DS, there was a bit of information about the Wii U to be had. Satoru Iwata addressed specifically the Spring Update that many of you have been asking for. You’ll be excited to know that it’s coming next week, with a host of new features that should make using the Wii U a bit more streamlined. These features include:

  • Improves loading times
  • Copy data between two USB drives
  • Install software while playing games
  • Automatically receive updates
  • Press B button during start up to go to Wii Menu
  • Continue to download and install after system is OFF
  • Virtual Console will be available next week
  • VC can be played off-tv and each will have its own Miiverse community
  • Gameboy Advance and N64 games will be coming
  • Wii U Panorama View available as free demo next week
  • Each Panorama will be available for $2

Aside from the spring update and the announcement of the Virtual Console being available, Iwata also discussed New Super Luigi U and Pikmin 3. New Super Luigi U will be available as downloadable content and will feature the same world map as New Super Mario Bros. U, but it will be drastically altered to fit Luigi’s play style. All 82 stages have been altered and the game will allow only 100 seconds on the timer to get through the whole level. No release date was announced but it will be available Summer 2013.

Moving on to Pikmin 3, Iwata announced a new flying Pikmin to aid players in getting items across rivers and deep chasms. The game will be launching in just a few months. Edit: Nintendo PR has confirmed that Pikmin 3 will be available August 4th.

So what do you think about these announcements? Let us know in the comments below!