Nintendo considering multiple Wii U models at launch

Wii U models wiimote
Nintendo is considering offering multiple Wii U models at launch, some with included Wiimotes and possible games. That’s according to Nintendo France executive Stephan Bole, who said that Nintendo might offer additional Wii U models that include the Wiimote controller. This is because some people might not be familiar with the original Wii and its accessories, since the Wii U requires Wiimotes for multiplayer gaming. He added that while there have been over 200 million Wiimotes sold globally, it’s not guaranteed that future Wii U owners had the original Wii console.

Nintendo has been rumored to include a copy of Nintendo Land with the Wii U when it launches. The company showcased a white and black Wii U during E3, but it’s unclear whether both versions will be available at launch. Some have speculated that the black Wii U could be a “premium” version with an included hard drive. This could also pave way for Wii U bundles — consoles with games or accessories like the Wiimote and Nun-chucks. The Wii U supports all previous Wii accessories, including the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Nintendo has revealed several Wii U accessories so far, including a dock for the GamePad, a Wii U Zapper attachment, and the Pro controller. They’re likely to unveil more as we get closer to launch.

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