Nintendo is working on a free-to-play amiibo game [RUMOR]


Nintendo has been experimenting with new ways to engage consumers in several different ways and if rumors are true, it looks like they could be releasing a free-to-play amiibo game developed by the Nintendo Software Technology, which is Nintendo’s only first-party US-based developer. Their last title was Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars.

According to the rumor, the team has been working on a free-to-play title for both Wii U and 3DS that will be used to unlock content for those that own amiibo. The source stated that the game is currently finished and waiting to be shipped and that the game would likely appear in 2016 in North America.

Pricing details for the game are also interesting because supposedly the game will launch as free-to-play but after a period of time has passed, it will become a game that you have to pay for before you can play. Either way, it sounds interesting and we’re excited to see what Nintendo has come up with to make amiibo more engaging than they currently are.