Get a black 3DS XL for $149.99 on Black Friday

3ds xlAs if you needed another reason to buy a 3DS, Target has advertised a $50 discount on all black 3DS XLs, but only on Black Friday.

This November 29th will be a great opportunity for those of us who have yet to hop on-board the 3DS train; but you’d best hop on fast. With a slew of new titles on the verge of release, such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and the recent release of Pokemon X and Y, it’s safe to say that shelf stock will deplete at rapid speeds.

Only the black 3DS XLs have been confirmed to be going on sale, but Target has yet to finalise their list of Black Friday deals. So there’s still hope for those of us who want to add a bit of colour to our portable pieces of 3D gaming.

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