Latest 3DS update adds Miiverse and unified accounts for Wii U and 3DS

We know from the latest Nintendo Direct that Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID support would be coming to the 3DS sometime in December, and that update has finally dropped. With this new update, 3DS users can now create their own NNID, or register the same ID they created on their Wii U. This allows users to combine their wish lists and Nintendo eShop balances together on both Wii U and 3DS.

The update also added Miiverse support for the 3DS, which users have been anticipating for some time now. Now 3DS owners can post screenshots, illustrations, and comments within Nintendo’s social hub. Not all 3DS games have Miiverse communities yet, but it is expected that these will be added later on.

3ds miiverse

Other noteworthy features of the update include a startup change for the 3DS camera as well as the complete removal of 3DS system transfer limits, which was previously held to five.

[via Nintendo 3DS Updates]