Nintendo’s Christmas commercial for Nintendo 3DS brings the snark

If Nintendo has one thing it can be proud of and puff its chest out it’s the Nintendo 3DS. The latest commercial for the handheld sees various groups of kids together explaining why they play the Nintendo 3DS. The ending is a bit cheeky with a kid holding a limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS XL and saying, “We play because it’s Nintendo. Why do you play?”

The commercial provides a good look at some of the biggest Nintendo 3DS titles of this year, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Pokemon X & Y, and strangely enough, Mario Kart 7. While A Link Between Worlds didn’t make an appearance with on screen time, the golden Nintendo 3DS XL did. Overall it’s a great commercial for Nintendo to promote the Nintendo 3DS brand. Hopefully they have something similar in mind for the Wii U.