New video shows Nintendo 3DS activity log app

One of the big things missing from the current Nintendo 3DS app is a way to see how much time you’ve spent playing each game without having to go into the game specifically. Sure each game keeps track of the time you’ve spent, but if you wanted to see how much time you’ve spent on Monster Hunter 3 Ulitmate, you’d have to put in your cartridge and boot up the game to see your save file. it looks like Nintendo will be fixing this problem.

A new video uploaded to Nintendo’s official YouTube channel called the New Owner’s Guide shows off a new app called the Activity Log. It tracks how much time you’ve spent playing the 3DS, as well as various other information, such as how many steps you’ve taken and how many games you’ve played. It will likely be coming in a spring update for the Nintendo 3DS, so expect to see more about the activity log announced tomorrow during the Nintendo Direct.