Nintendo: 2DS XL won’t have supply issues

Nintendo’s newest console, the 2DS XL, will be launching in July and if the NES Mini and Switch are any indication, there are going to be shortages. Because Nintendo just can’t seem to understand what “supply and demand” mean.

Not so fast, according to Nitnendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, who recently assured fans that the new 2DS XL will not have supply issue. He told The Verge:

“We think we’ve estimated for New Nintendo 2DS XL pretty well, and we’re confident that the consumer who wants to buy it on July 28th is going to be able to do that. We get it right more times than we get it wrong. But sometimes we get it wrong.”

The 2DS XL launches on July 28th and will retail for $150. It features a clam-shell design just like the 3DS XL, and comes with an NFC reader for your amiibo, AC adapter, and 4GB microSD card.

An interesting fact about the 2DS XL is that both top and bottom screens are over an inch larger than on the regular 2DS, while the console retains the same weight.

Do you have any plans of picking up a 2DS XL this Summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!