Nintendo reports 2014 fiscal year financial results


The fiscal year ended on March 31st and Nintendo has just reported its financial results for the year. Truth be told, things could be going a little better for the big N.

As far as system sales go the 3DS is doing well, having sold 12.24 million systems and having moved 67.89 million units of software during the fiscal year. The Wii U isn’t doing quite so hot on the other hand. Hardware wise, 2.72 million Wii Us were sold during the fiscal year along 18.86 million units of software for it. Looking at lifetime sales, the 3DS has sold 43.33 million units while Wii U stands at a comparatively humble 6.18 million since it’s release.

Looking ahead Nintendo is forecasting that they will be selling 12 million 3DS units this coming fiscal year along with 67 million units of software for the system. As for the Wii U, Nintendo predicts that it will sell 3.6 million Wii U units along with 20 million units of software for the coming year. Here’s a breakdown of the Wii U units sold across quarters from the time the Wii U was released until this quarter.


Compared to the last fiscal year net sales decreased from 635.422 billion yen to 571.726 yen. Nintendo experienced a gross profit of 163.2 billion yen. At the same time though, the company has reported an operating loss of 46.4 billion yen and a net loss of 23.2 billion yen.

Things could be going better for Nintendo right now. What do you all think of all this though? Do you think Nintendo will meet their sales expectations for the next fiscal year?

[Source: Nintendo]