Ninendo: fans might wait for price cut before buying Wii U

Iwata Wii U
Buying a brand new console when it’s released always carries some risk: will the console be successful? Will there be enough games down the line? But the chief concern for many gamers, especially during tough times, is the price. New consoles are always priced high, and the Wii U is expected to start at $400 — quite a lot more than the Wii.

This worries Nintendo, as company president Satoru Iwata noted during an investors call where Nintendo dramatically cut the 3DS price. Iwata commented on that, saying:

“Our decision of the price markdown this time has a side effect that, at the launch of the Wii U, people may feel that the price might drop in the near future if they wait”

By cutting the price of the 3DS only months after its release, fans might consider waiting to buy the Wii U, with the hopes that a few months after the launch of the console, it might see a price drop. However, over the course of the past few home console generations, it generally takes about a year after release before a price cut occurs.