Nine Parchments hits Switch this year

Developer Frozenbyte already has some experience with the Nintendo Switch after releasing Has-Been Heroes earlier this year. So, it’s no surprise that their next title, Nine Parchments, is also coming to the Switch.

Nine Parchments is an isometric, four-player coop wizard fantasy trip. As you and up to four friends (local or online) take control of four wizards, you’ll haphazardly blast your way through the game’s levels, earning new abilities, leveling-up, and creating cool-looking effects. Here’s the feature list from PR:

  • Wield the power of the elements and master a diverse and ever-changing arsenal of spells
  • Unlock new playable characters, wizard hats and magical staves
  • Level up and train your characters in the magical arts, but choose your path wisely!
  • Battle strange creatures & mighty bosses in a breathtakingly beautiful world, set in the Trine universe
  • Online and local co-op with 1-4 players

We’re hoping this game supports single Joy-Con play, thereby making it easier for anyone to play local co-op. Nine Parchments will be out later this year.