Relive the history of Yoshi games with this new Yoshi’s Woolly World trailer

Yoshi has been a dedicated companion of the Mario Bros. since Super Mario World, but when he’s not busy sacrificing himself so you can get that extra boost in your jump, he’s starred in quite a few games of his own over the years. The trailer doesn’t showcase my personal favorite Yoshi game, Yoshi’s Cookie, but it does take you through the history of the Yoshi’s Island games.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is a continuation of the same gameplay that developed in the Yoshi’s Island series, only there’s no baby Mario to worry about losing. The trailer does a good job of showcasing the evolution of Yoshi as a star of a game than a sidekick and I’d love to see Nintendo do more of these style trailers when they return to a franchise from the early days of Nintendo consoles.

What’s your favorite Yoshi game of all time?