New info about Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed


The latest issue of Famitsu has tons of new info on Xenoblade Chronicles X, with 10 pages dedicated to describing the RPG’s huge open world and what players can expect when it comes to customization options for their player character. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information is that the game will feature “unions” that function similarly to guilds in MMOs and other RPGs, with the unions serving as quest hubs for characters.

Also detailed in the spread was a new system called Soul Voice, which replaces the need for a traditional healer in the character’s party. This means you can spend less time worrying about the health of your characters and more time buried in the combat. Aside from new systems, other details released include the fact that the map in Xenoblade Chronicles X is five times the size of the map from the original game, Xenoblade Chronicles. Here’s the quick summary as translated by members of NeoGAF:


  • Pathfinder – In charge of data probe installation.
  • Interceptor – In charge of exterminating protists.
  • Avalanche – In charge of hunting down dangerous life forms.
  • Testament – In charge of the search and recovery of debris scattered by the ship, as well as the recovery of items lost on the battlefield.
  • Corepedian – In charge of visiting areas and investigation/collecting materials.
  • Land Bank – In charge of securing resources and collecting minerals.
  • Arms – Assists the Arms Company in charge of the development of Dolls and their inner weaponry.
  • Companion – A Jack of all trades, from the mediation of petty fights to the search of stray cats.


  • Nagi (Takayuki Sugou)- Former Captain of the White Whale and current Military Chief in the Autonomous Government of New Los Angeles.
  • Guin (Yuichi Nakamura) – Worked in the same division as Elma and Irina on Earth. Was their subordinate.

Player Avatars

  • Many options for customization (sex, face type, skin colour, hair style, eyes, make-up, voice, etc).
  • Preset designs done by Kunihiko Tanaka
  • Some famous voices actors providing their voice as options for the avatar, will be announced on the Xenoblade homepage later.


  • Will show character location, question locations
  • Warping to previously visited areas


  • The use of ‘X [Cross]’ has implications for the online functionality.
    Not a standard online game, more ‘loosely connected’


  • About 90 songs in the game. Sawano involved in all of them.


  • Faster paced, more-actiony than Xenobalde.
  • Differentiates close and distant attacks.
  • No healers.
  • Healing done with new system called ‘Soul Voice’.

The magazine confirms that the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is designed to be more open world, so you have more freedom in what you choose to do. No real concrete details were given about how the online functionality of the game will play, so it’s likely we’ll see more information on that in a Nintendo Direct, where it can be explained better through video than through text.

With all this new information about the game, are you more excited to get your hands on it? Let us know in the comments!