New Splatoon trailer shows off Ranked Battle and Amiibo features

Splatoon is a brand new IP from Nintendo. And since Nintendo doesn’t release new IPs that often (unfortunately), there is a lot of excitement about the game (although it wasn’t always like that from Shigeru Miyamoto).

Nintendo has released a lengthy new Splatoon trailer that showcases (and explains) two of the game modes and Splatoon’s Amiibo features as well. The trailer shows off the Ranked Battle and Battle Dojo modes, and reveals the complete list of new Amiibos that will launch alongside the game.

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Ranked Battle, as its name suggests, includes a ranking system, and is designed for those gamers who want a more competitive multiplayer experience.

Battle Dojo is a mode where two players can play against each other, one playing on the TV, while the other plays on the GamePad. The objective is to see who can pop the most balloons on the level.

Finally, the trailer also has some Splatoon Amiibo news as well. Using select Amiibos in Splatoon unlocks new missions, and by completing the missions, players unlock new gear and weapons.

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Splatoon launches on May 29 in the US and Europe, and on May 28 in Japan. Last week, we saw how the game was running at a flawless 60 frames per second — which has become a must in fast paced multiplayer games.

The Splatoon Amiibos will be sold separately or in a pack of three (seen below), which will retail for $35.

Splatoon Ammibo