New Splatoon map “Camp Triggerfish” out now


Nintendo is updating Splatoon with new content like clockwork now. A few days ago we got some new weapons, and now a brand new map has been released for the Wii U multiplayer shooter.

Called “Camp Triggerfish” (probably the coolest map name ever), the focus of the map is a series of bridges that players have to cross to reach their opponents turf. Naturally, these bridges become the focus point of a lot of action. The map is free to download and play to all Splatoon players right now.

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Last week, Nintendo released the Moray Towers map, and also gave us two new weapons: a new brush and the new Zapper gun.

You can check out some gameplay footage of the new map below. What do you think of Nintendo’s tactic to launch Splatoon with few maps, then continuously update with new maps and content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!