New Splatoon footage showcases super fast gameplay [VIDEO]

Splatoon is dropping in May and while it’s likely at the end of May making it more than two months away still, Nintendo has slowly been trickling gameplay through various outlets to give us a taste of just how fast the game can be played. One of the major selling points of Call of Duty for many people is that respawn times in general aren’t too long.

As you can see in the above video, that also appears to be the case with Splatoon. Respawn seems to be only a few seconds, but how quickly you can travel to the front is determined by how well you and your teammates have coated the world in your color ink. The video above is from a German Nintendo site and the player is utilizing the standard rifle squirt gun. It’s not very good at covering a wide area, but it’s perfect for up close fights with other Inklings who are trying to capture your area.

This video does a good job of highlighting how important it is to have a diverse gun selection on your team. If everyone is using the same rifle you won’t be able to cover ground very accurately and that’s ultimately how you win Splatoon. Be the squid who inks the most.