New Splatoon 2 Direct coming this Thursday

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct focusing on Splatoon 2 for this Thursday. Called Splatoon 2 Direct, it will reveal some of the new features we can expect in Splatoon 2.

Here are the Splatoon 2 Direct times:

– 7 AM US Pacific time
– 10 AM US Easter time
– 3 PM in the UK
– 4 PM in Europe

Splatoon 2 launches later this month exclusively on the Switch. The game will also have some cool accessories launching alongside it.

In addition to its famous multiplayer, Splatoon 2 will include a hefty singleplayer campaign — you can check out 30 minutes if Splatoon singleplayer gameplay here.

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You’ll be able to watch the Splatoon 2 Direct here.

New Splatoon 2 Direct coming this Thursday