New screenshots and information leaked about Super Smash Bros. [RUMOR]

[Note: As always, I preface rumor articles with a quick note that none of this information is verified. It should all be taken with a grain of salt until we have official confirmation from Nintendo about the final Super Smash Bros. roster.]

Smashboards has always been a hive of activity for Super Smash Bros. fans, but now several leaks have come forth with supposed new information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While the leaked screenshots only showcase the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, the information that was leaked applies to both. Here’s the text of the leak:

So I got more info…
Unless my friend is pulling my leg, there’s some pretty crazy crap left to be revealed.

-Snake, Lucas, Ice Climbers (Why), and Wolf are cut
-Doctor Mario is back as a clone
-Dark Pit is a newcomer as a clone
-Each character gets 8 alternate costumes, whether they be pallet swaps or new costumes.
-Alph appears as 4 of Olimar’s costumes, while the other 4 are Olimar’s.
-Shulk will be playable with Gaur Plains as his stage, his neutral B changes his Monado mode which essentially makes him dish more damage and take more, or do less damage, and take less.
-Bowser Jr appears as a new comer and allegedly fights from a mario kart… has no alt colors, but instead has the 7 koopalings as alts.
-Duck Hunt is in… from what I’ve been told it’s the duck hunt dog fighting with ducks on his back who assist for certain attacks…

*Edit more info
-Shulk has like 5 different mode swaps
-Bowser Jr rides in a koopa kart that attacks with cannon balls and boxing gloves and stuff that eject from the clowns mouth.

note* The kart sounds more like the koopa clown car to me as I read it.

Now I’m not even sure from this stuff so take it with a grain of salt, but my friend recently quit as a tester due to family reasons, so if he decided he no longer cares what leaks, I could see why he’d tell me.
He was also unclear to me as to if that is the rest of the roster so also be wary.

Of course this is a huge case of hearsay since it’s a “my friend said this”, but a few screenshots from three different leakers were provided as well. Here’s a quick look at them:


There are some head scratchers here that lead us to wonder if any of this is true, mainly because of the positioning of some of the characters. Shulk looks like he has the same positioning as Little Mac and has been photoshopped to look like Shulk. Additionally, Yoshi looks a bit weird in his positioning.

In the first screenshot you’ll see.. the Duck Hunt Dog? It’s long been a running joke that the dog from Duck Hunt would be included in a Super Smash Bros. game, which seems sort of fishy. Either way, it’s interesting to see so many rumors surrounding an upcoming game, especially when some parts of the supposed leaks have turned out to be true. Meta Knight is back!