New Samsung Chromebook announced with a $249 price tag

Samsung is at it again, and this time with a much better deal. Google has just announced a new Chromebook by the Korean manufacturer, bringing all the great features Chrome OS has to offer in small package. But this one is a little more special for a different reason; it’s very enticing price.

For only $249, Chrome OS fans will be able to put their name on one of these this Monday, October 22. Your hard-earned two and a half Benjamins will get you an 11.6 1366×768 display, 2 GB of RAM and a powerful 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 dual-core ARM cortex A15 processor. While storage is not the best at 16 GB, but customers get 100 GB of Google Drive cloud storage for free. This would be very helpful for Chromebook users, since you need internet to use the device, anyways. It only makes sense to move more users to the cloud, especially for a web-centric computer.

There is a slight downside to this lower price, though. While Chromebooks have been known for their amazing battery life, this one is said to only give 6 hours (or “more”) of juice. An amount of time that is good, but very low for Chrome OS device standards.

Regardless, for $250 this new Samsung Chromebook may be much more enticing than a tablet or netbook. Not to mention it is a very good looking Chromebook (looks much like an Apple computer!). And with a price that easily beats the $450$500 Samsung has been asking for before, there is no better deal when it comes to Chrome OS computers. You can go ahead and get it by Monday, or simply pre-order it now from Amazon. There is also a 3G version if you need a data connection on-the-go, but it will cost $329.