New Pokken Tournament details will be revealed in next NicoNico stream


Pokken Tournament was announced last year after several leaked dev images showcased a Pokemon fighting game. The game combines Pokemon fighters with the moves from Tekken, creating a unique twist that is headed to Japanese arcades soon. Despite its focus on arcades, there is some hope that the title will eventually see a Wii U release for the rest of the world, since arcades are no longer as popular as they are in Japan.

A stream on NicoNico is scheduled for next week, where Famitsu will be featuring the game. No exact details about what we’ll see have been given, but we expect to see some Pokemon outlined, especially after the creator mentioned that not just fighting type Pokemon will be used in the game. Hopefully new information about whether the game will be released on consoles will be given as well.

The stream will be taking place on January 23, so if you want to watch it you can do so here. Remember, you’ll need to create a NicoNico account, but Google Translate should help you through that with no issues.