New Nintendo 3DS update introduces StreetPass relay points


One of the problems many American 3DS owners face is the lack of streetpasses for their Nintendo 3DS. I live in a moderately sized area and I still only get 1 or 2 street passes a month despite taking my 3DS with me every time I go out. Thankfully a system update released today that makes getting street passes easier.

StreetPass relay points allow people to queue up their Miis at the locations they visit. It works just like StreetPass, when you visit a Nintendo Zone, your Mii will remain behind to street pass with anyone who comes along after you. Likewise, you’ll receive all the StreetPasses of people who were there before you.

Relay points are all across the United States, including AT&T WiFi hotspots, Best Buy locations, and others. You can check the availability of Nintendo Zones in your area by clicking here.