New Nintendo 3DS and XL announced for Japan


Yesterday we had a Nintendo Direct in Japan dedicated solely to the Nintendo 3DS. The biggest announcement from that Nintendo Direct is that two brand-new models of Nintendo 3DS will be hitting the Japanese market on October 11. These models will not be available in Europe and North America until 2015.

The biggest change to the design is that both the consoles are a bit bigger, feature a new C-stick analog stick, new colored buttons, microSD support, and better battery, better 3D support, and the ability to switch covers. Here’s a quick list of features:

  • better 3D
  • second stick
  • NFC built-in
  • coloured buttons
  • more buttons
  • better battery (up to 7h)
  • now compatible with microSDCard
  • you can back up data on your PC via wireless.
  • browser improved, now works with HTML5
  • CPU improved, makes browsing Miiverse / eShop much faster.
  • you can switch designs now (covers)
  • 4.88 inch screen 3DS LL
  • 3.88 inch screen 3DS OG
  • ABXY Buttons color coded

Aside from the new hardware that features several improvements, Nintendo also announced that a port of Xenoblade Chronicles is being worked on for the Nintendo 3DS and it will be available in the future. Here’s a quick gallery of screenshots taken from the Nintendo Direct. Expect more information about this new model of Nintendo 3DS as we move into the holiday season.