New Mario Kart 8 video shows a full lap on 16 tracks

We’ve seen plenty of Mario Kart 8 videos over the past few weeks (like these gorgeous Mario Kart 8 videos), but most of them showed bits and pieces of gameplay, and some portions of the new tracks. Now we’ve found a new video that actually takes us on a ride for a full lap on 16 of the race tracks found in Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 will ship with 26 tracks, 13 brand new ones and 13 remakes. The video above shows a mix of new and old tracks. But, as said before, we finally get to sit through an entire lap.

Recently, it was rumored that Nintendo might be offering a Mario Kart 8 demo on the Wii U eShop, which could potentially bring in some new fans to the series. For the rest of us, of course, we’ll be buying the game on launch day.

Nintendo has high hopes for Mario Kart 8, counting on it to be a decent Wii U system seller this Summer and beyond. Which is why they will be promoting Mario kart 8 for the rest of 2014, not just during the launch window.