New information about Splatoon’s Battle Dojo and shopkeepers


As we inch closer to the May 29 release date of Splatoon, Nintendo has been much more open about revealing information about the many different game modes featured in the game, as well as some of the amiibo functions you’ll be able to enjoy. IGN recently did a preview of the game with a focus on the Battle Dojo and Shopkeepers of the game, with some interesting details.

Battle Dojo

The Battle Dojo is a 1v1 offline multiplayer versus mode the developers have included to give the game couch co-op. It focuses on popping balloons to determine the winner and the arenas featured in this mode are the same as those displayed in the Turf Wars setting of online play, which is essentially king of the hill mode. The player with the highest score at the end of five minutes wins the Dojo round, but point values double toward the end of the match so there’s never a drawn out struggle.

Wooden crates spawn in that contain surprise abilities that must be used immediately, rather than saved like Mario Kart. The first player to score 30 points wins the mode.


You must maintain an internet connection in order to buy or customize your character. Nintendo plans on adding gear to the game over time that will provide new looks and new utilities. Single player mode has its own sets of gear that you can collect, with no link between the single-player and multi-player equipment. So you won’t be able to unlock all the equipment in single-player mode and then go online and destroy newbies with the unlocked equipment. You’ll have to earn your multi-player unlocks like every one else.

Amiibo support for the game is also included, with a giant amiibo box within the city of Inkopoli. Players can approach the box and scan in their amiibo to be granted a unique challenge. Each challenge once completed awards a various amount of gold, as well as amiibo-only equipment items.