New Hyrule Warriors DLC features Tingle as a playable character


Nintendo is continuing the trend of providing DLC for Hyrule Warriors, this time bringing everyone’s favorite hate-able character, Tingle. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s an undeniable part of the Legend of Zelda franchise, so it’s nice to see him making his first appearance. Also included in this DLC pack will be Young Link, who uses a mask that allows him to transform to create some stunning finishers.

Of course Tingle wouldn’t be Tingle if he wasn’t slinging rupees, so he’ll have a giant money back in order to bludgeon enemies and a huge balloon that can knock everything away. A new adventure map and three new costumes that weren’t revealed during the presentation will be included as well.

This DLC for Hyrule Warriors will be launching on February 5th.