New Chromecast app: 1.FM


We expected the Google Play Store to be flooded with Chromecast apps after the SDK was made available. We haven’t exactly seen a stampede of Chromecast-supported apps, but the apps do continue to show up. There is one app that recently received Chromecast support and you may like – 1.FM.

1.FM is a pretty popular radio app with over 45 channels, offering all kinds of music genres and moods. You can now enjoy all these radio channels using your Chromecast device. And what’s best: it’s free!

The app does require registration, though. You just have to hand over some details and you should be streaming in no time. Those interested can get the 1.FM app straight from the Google Play Store. It has a 4.5 review rating, so we say it’s at least worth checking out!

What other radio apps for Android would you guys recommend?

Thanks, Jackie!