New Chromebooks announced from HP, Acer, Toshiba and ASUS!

It has been a while since we have heard of any new Chromebooks! We were getting worried for a while, but Chrome OS is growing by the day. The platform wasn’t about to slow down, and now we know Intel was buttering us up for quite the surprise. A whole lineup of new devices was announced today!

The New Chromebooks


We have 4 new Chrome OS devices from different manufacturers, two of which are new to the operating system. Acer and HP are simply releasing upgraded versions of their current Chromebooks. These would be the “New Acer Chromebook” and the HP Chromebook 14.

Those two Chromebooks are cool, but you might be more interested in the new guys. Toshiba is joining the game with a “vesatile and portable” Chromebook. To wrap things up, ASUS is taking things in a weird direction by reviving the Chromebox. The ASUS Chromebox will let you turn any TV or monitor into your computer, staying small and portable.

What’s special?

haswellWe don’t know much about these tablets’ unique specs, but there is one big improvement that already makes them worthwhile. You thought Intel would be announcing these for no reason? These come with Intel’s new Haswell processors.

If you haven’t heard of these processors, you are in for a treat. It’s a given that they improve performance, but that is not really the most exciting part. After all, Chromebooks don’t need much power to run like champs. What makes these processors special is that they more than double battery life!

Take the new Macbook Air computers as an example. Apple’s laptops now feature up to 12 hours of juice thanks to these processors. This means we should be able to get all-day battery life! The good ol’ days when Chromebooks had amazing battery life are coming back, guys.

Learn more about the new Chromebooks

As mentioned above, not much else is known just yet. More information is bound to come soon, though. In fact, HP’s and Acer’s Chromebooks already showed up in Google’s official Chromebook website. You can’t access their specific portals just yet, but you can sign up for updates.


Simply go to the Chromebooks site and click on the New Acer Chromebook or the HP Chromebook 14. After that, simply click the blue button to sign up for updates and fill out the short form. Of course, we are all signed up and can’t wait to hear more. How about you?

I am so ready to see how well these new Chromebooks perform. Are you thinking of buying a new Chromebook soon? It is definitely worth waiting a bit more. These are being released “over the coming months”, so you won’t be anxious for a new Chromebook for too long!