New Chrome stable release improves gaming and other web apps

Chrome just keeps getting better and better as Google continues to give us constant updates. Google’s popular browser is known for getting seamless updates, without users even realizing it most times. This is one of the reasons why Chrome is arguably the best browser in the world, and today it has gotten just a bit better for gamers.

Today’s stable release brings mouse lock (Pointer Lock Javascript API). This means that game developers can force the pointer to stay locked in the game. Much like a non-browser game, one would be able to naturally move around infinitely in a first-person shooter; whereas before the pointer would reach the outside of the game’s window (or edge) and stop interacting with the game.

We understand not everyone is into gaming. Even though this feature is mostly directed towards gamers, developers are not limited. They can use Pointer Lock Javascript API for a plethora of web apps:

“While games are fun, these capabilities also empower other types of applications such as medical and scientific visualization, training, simulation, modeling, authoring packages, and more.”

This feature was introduced to users registered under the Chrome Beta program. You can go ahead and try Chrome Beta if you would like to see features before they reach everyone else (albeit they will not always be perfect). Game on, guys!

[Via: Chromium Blog]