New Chrome 13 Stable Channel Update For Chromebooks – Now Supports USB Mounting

Google has officially announced a new Stable Channel update for Chromebooks. The new Chrome13 update bring a slew of new features, most notably the ability to mount and Android device to your Chromebook (finally).

Some of the release features include:

  • Supports new Chrome 13 functionality (check out the Official Chrome Blog for more information)
  • Google Cloud Print settings added to Settings > Under the Hood
  • Allow auto-connect using 3G
  • Remove/forget added VPN connections
  • L2TP IPSec with pre-shared key support
  • More SSH options in crosh
  • 802.1x support
  • Allow USB mounting of Android
  • Crash fixes
  • Security updates

This Stable Channel update is for the Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5, and Cr-48 Chromebooks.

[Via GoogleChromeReleases]