New NBA Playgrounds GIFs show a curious scoring system

NBA Playgrounds, a game that appears to be as close to a modern-day NBA Jam title as we’re going to get, was revealed last week for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Today, the game’s Twitter account tweeted some new media, providing a look at Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Russell Westbrook doing what they do best.

The GIFs also pose an interesting question: How does scoring work? In the last GIF below, you’ll see Curry score from what’s clearly the three-point line (because he’s Stephen Curry), yet a quick flash of “4 points” pops up on the screen. Either the points we’re shown in the GIFs somehow factor into the experience you gain during games, or there’s more to the scoring system than we’re led to believe.

What do you think? Mull over that question while you’re looking at the GIFs below.

NBA Playgrounds will be available as a $20, digital-only title next month.

Stephen Curry

Lebron James

Russell Westbrook