NBA Playgrounds trailer details unlocks and moves

Today, the PlayStation Blog updated with a new post about NBA Playgrounds. In addition to a brand-new gameplay trailer, the post goes into detail about some of the gameplay mechanics like scoring, unlocking players from different teams, and leveling-up.

Scoring in NBA Playground is a multi-layered process. There are your typical two-and-three point baskets, but executing dunks or shots at certain moments will let you score an additional point or two, as was hinted earlier this week.

There’s also a “Lottery Pick” system for players who score enough points. When you get a chance, you can spin a wheel for extra buffs like “super speed shoes, 12 inches of extra height on dunks, a glowing blue ball that increases your shot percentage, and a 2x 3-pointer.”

Additional players will be unlocked through the game’s card system. It seems that the more you play as a certain team, the more chances you have to open card packs and unlock more characters for that team.

Finally, there’s the level system. The blog post doesn’t really go into much detail about this, but we no know that upgrades will include signature moves for players.

NBA Playgrounds will be available as a $20, eShop download sometime next month.

[via US PlayStation Blog]