Natsume teases 3 Nintendo titles in the works


Natsume has teased that it has three upcoming Nintendo titles in the works, though it won’t give away which platforms they’re coming to as they’re hoping to keep that under wraps until E3. CeeCee, a community manager for the company recently posted an update on her blog detailing the company’s plans. Among several titles being developed for iOS and PSN, she made a point of saying that we’ve got big announcements for Nintendo ahead of us.

We’re saving a few secrets for closer to the show, but expect not one, not two, but THREE new Nintendo titles we’ll be announcing leading up to and at the show! This doesn’t include any classic eShop titles (and we’ll have some news on those as well). Will they be 3DS, Wii U, or a mix of the two, you ask? You’ll have to tune in from now until June 10th to find out! 😀

Given that Harvest Moon eventually saw a release on the Wii, we expect to see Harvest Moon Wii U as one of the titles. What could be the other two? We’ll have to find out at E3.