Name That Zelda Contest Winner

Last weekend I started a contest for you guys to try and guess what the next Zelda game would be named, as well as discuss some concepts you thought would make for a great game. We got an overwhelming amount of responses, with the contest post receiving a whopping 528 comments before the end of the deadline on Friday. I spent the weekend going through all of your thoughts and ideas and tallying up the entries and then pulled a random number to decide who won. I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Hyrule Historia book is Eric Turgeon. His contribution was:

The Legend of Zelda: Gatekeeper’s Secret

Of course, many of you had great ideas and great names combined, so I wanted to highlight some of the best from the comments we received on here. The most upvoted comment by you guys was from The Clockwork Being, whose chosen name for the next game is The Legend of Zelda: The Arcane Tetraforce. The premise of that game as stated is:

The Legend of Zelda: The Arcane Tetraforce

The trifore has always had 3 pieces left by the goddesses that left Hyrule but the only reason for the hole in the middle of triforce is because there is a hidden goddess that never left earth. Ganon learns about this and decides to quest after it. Link possessing the triforce of Courage, Ganon the one of power and Zelda the one of Wisdom they cant find the last triforce unless they are leaded by someone not possessing a triforce but that possesses Power, Wisdom and Courage regardless of if he is evil or good. Ganon seeks this goes to find the person possessing all the attributes

Commenter Sequoia jokingly submitted the name, The Legend of Zelda: Swag of Tingle. Commenter The Unknown Legacy also had a fleshed out idea, called The Legend of Zelda: Path of Despair:

Legend of Zelda: Path of Despair

or Path of Darkness
In this Zelda, link finds a forbidden item which is a mirror when he looks through it he see’s himself covered in darkness and evil of course, its dark link dark link manages to nab him and take him inside the mirror and goes to normal link’s world he pretends to be normal link and is attempting to destroy Hyrule while link is trapped in the other world his whole adventure is finding a way to get away from there in this game you also take control of Zelda since of course she suspects the dark link in the end you learn that the dark link was the first ever link from legend of Zelda who wants to get revenge on the goddesses for putting them on an endless cycle with Zelda and Ganon.

My personal favorite of all the ideas and descriptions provided falls to commenter Tom Brandow, who submitted the idea The Legend of Zelda: United Scribes. He describes the game as follows:

The Legend of Zelda: United Scribes

Have a new item like a magic pen which can utilize the tablet. Draw symbols to open doors or make your own maps like in Phantom Hour Glass. At specified locations drawing a symbol of wind or a snowflake could effect the whole area making new areas accessible. United for the miiverse integration which would allow the ancient scribes (actually data from other wiiUs) to leave clues in temples like old maps or scribbles on the walls, or even create a new interesting mail system. Worth a shot.

Many of you shared ideas for the same concepts, such as shifting dimensions, involving the wind, or even having other characters in the series be the main protagonist, such as Zelda and Navi. All in all it was a great contest and we were more than thrilled to see so many people interested in Nintendo’s upcoming works. We’ll have more contests coming your way soon for many different things, so keep reading Wii U Daily!