What is this mysterious Pokemon video from Japan?

The Pokemon Company seems to be teasing something that will happen on July 19th, as they’ve uploaded the video above to their official YouTube channel. Comments are closed so there’s no discussion to be had on the video itself, but that hasn’t stopped eager redditors from trying to figure out what’s up.

One redditor provided this translation of the video:

[Title] Pokémon Mystery File [Subtitle] A world of Pokémon you don’t know
Is this a time slip? Is it manipulating time? It came from the moon? Is it a space virus? Is this an encounter with aliens? [Dialogue] Thank you. With the power it has received from your Solrock it looks like it can return home… to the sky! Is this a UFO appearance? Is this an alien invasion? [Script] The battle with the alien invader has begun! Is this the underside of this world? Is this a puzzle of ancient relics? Is this an attack from a parallel universe? Is it possessing humans? [Written in Unown] Is something happening?

It doesn’t quite make it less confusing. Also, in Japanese the subject is often dropped from sentences. So “it” and “this” were just my own personal filler.

People are speculating that this may be a teaser to the lead up of Pokemon Stars for Switch, or perhaps something else all together. A more mundane reason for the video to exist suggests its a Daisuki Club promotion and nothing else. Either way, we’ll learn more on July 19.

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