You earn more MyNintendo points on digital purchases than retail

A few days ago we reported that MyNintendo would soon begin offering rewards to Nintendo Switch owners, but it looks like Nintendo is using the service to encourage people to purchase digital versions of their games over the traditional retail version.

This notice appears in the Nintendo Switch News section in the latest update, which attempts to explain the difference between platinum and gold points for the My Nintendo service. The little “Pro Tip” that you see in the screenshot below is appended to the bottom of that news message, which mentions that you’ll earn more points for digital rewards than gold if you had bought the product through a retail channel.

Nintendo doesn’t explain exactly how many more points you’ll get for your digital purchase, but the wording of that notice says “far more” and that seems to indicate that they’re pushing people to downloading digital copies of games versus retail. It’s also a bummer for those of you who prefer to have a physical edition of games, especially since Nintendo has gone back to the cartridge days of old.

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