Mugen Power offers crazy 15 hour battery life for New Nintendo 3DS XL

Mugen Power is a well-known accessory maker for mobile devices, but they also make battery packs for Nintendo 3DS products. Typically we don’t see them here in the United States, so if you want one of these bad boys, you have to order from Mugen directly. With the New Nintendo 3DS XL firmly in the hands of fans across the globe, you’re probably wondering what battery accessories are available for it.

Options right now are somewhat limited, but the Mugen Power 6250mAh battery pack for the New Nintendo 3DS and the XL model starts shipping on April 3. Both versions of the battery are already available to order from their website and as you can see in the time-lapse video above, they really go above and beyond the typical 4 hour battery life of the old 3DS units. Both the new 3DS and new 3DS XL models last for over 15 hours thanks to the new battery pack, with the new 3DS model slightly outlasting the XL model thanks to the smaller screen.

The battery packs also add some bulk to the machines and the new 3DS version seems to have some problems matching body color, but the new 3DS XL battery pack is ergonomically designed and the bulk added actually makes the machine easier to hold for long play sessions. The only downside is the battery pack will set you back about $90 and isn’t shipping until April, but if you want to get in some extra long Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sessions, maybe this is the battery pack for you.